Bonfils Blood Drive

You’re the type that matters!  

Bonfils Blood Center takes all types!

The St. Scholastica Knights of Columbus Council # 15751 would like to host a Blood Drive at St. Scholastica.

In honor of Jesus Christ and because He poured out His blood to set us free, we the Knights of Columbus, are organizing a blood drive in our parish.  Let us imitate Jesus and pour out our blood to save a life.

We, as a parish, need to complete the following 3 steps in order to have Bonfils  hold a blood drive in our parish hall:

Step 1.  We need to sign up 40 eligible  donors.  Check out the Bonfils website to see if you are able to donate.

Step 2.  Knight John Plancon will work with Bonfils to set the date.  We’ll do our best to schedule a weekend date.

Step 3.  Volunteers show up on the date of donation.

As individuals, we should do the following:

Step 1:  Decide to donate blood.

Step 2:  Take the eligibility test on the Bonfils website.

Step 3:  Email John at with 1) your name 2) your phone number 3) and confirmation that you’re eligible and willing to donate.


Sign up after Mass on April 30 or May 7 .

Step 4:  Donate on the day scheduled.

Please consider donating to save lives!